About us

TISAtech is part of The Investing and Saving Alliance (TISA), the UK’s cross-industry financial services body.

About TISAtech

TISAtech is a new generation digital marketplace connecting Financial Institutions with FinTechs to facilitate the accelerated partnering and adoption of transformational digital solutions. With an increasing need to streamline business processes, generate new revenue opportunities and consistently meet the ever-evolving demands of the regulators, TISAtech has been designed to help financial institutions throughout the industry source, implement and manage innovative technology solutions.

About TISA

The Investing and Saving Alliance’s (TISA) ambition is to improve the financial wellbeing of UK consumers by bringing the financial services savings industry together to promote collective engagement, to deliver solutions and to champion innovation for the benefit of people, our industry and the nation.

With a focus on three key pillars of work to best support the consumer and UK financial services, TISA has become a major industry delivery organisation for consumer focused, digital industry infrastructure initiatives:


Strategic Policy Initiatives that Influence Policymakers regarding the financial wellbeing of UK consumers and the environment within which the industry operates.


Expert Technical Support on a range of operational and regulatory issues targeted at improving infrastructure and processes, establishing standards of good practice and the interpretation and implementation of new rules and regulations.


Transformative Digital Initiatives that are driving ground-breaking innovation and the development of industry infrastructure for greater operational effectiveness and revenue promoting opportunity for firms.

As consumers, the financial services industry and the economy react to and recover from the effects of the pandemic, the importance of the work that TISA prioritises has never been more apparent. For more information on TISA, please visit www.tisa.uk.com


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