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The Disruption House

The Disruption House is a digital ecosystem provider that enables the financial services industry to discover, assess, track and adopt innovative technology solutions.

Two types of assessment are available to financial institutions – fully automated and analyst-enhanced:

The L1 and L2 assessments also enable institutions to meet their regulatory obligation on managing outsourcing risks when engaging with early stage FinTech providers via:

Using L1 and L2 assessments alongside the underlying database enables firms to identify alternative providers to failing incumbents and conduct pre-engage risk assessments for exit planning purposes.

TDH ESG Pathway Assessments

The innovative TDH ESG Pathway assessments follow the same rigorous questions, grading, rating, feedback, and written analysis as the TDH enterprise-readiness scorecard service. It provides clear feedback on areas of excellence and those requiring improvement; this also includes peer-group comparison feedback. This approach is proven to save time and money and provides clarification on what is required to meet constantly evolving ESG standards.

The benefits of a comprehensive ESG strategy are not exclusive to large businesses. Forward thinking start-ups and smaller companies in the private sector are already integrating ESG awareness into their operations to improve execution, expand customer exposure, retain talented staff, access dedicated capital and most importantly, demonstrate a better corporate culture. Implementing an ESG strategy today will futureproof a business.

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