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Accessing Innovation

We make innovation access a self-service for time-poor business leaders.

All financial firms look to offer the best and most relevant customer-centric solutions and stay ahead of the competition. With an increasing need to streamline business processes, generate new revenue opportunities and consistently meet the ever-evolving demands of the regulators, TISAtech has been designed to help the industry source, implement and manage innovative technology solutions.

Qualifying and quantifying technology providers to better access innovation

Financial institutions are turning the threat of FinTechs into opportunities by accessing the rapid growth of the FinTech ecosystem. However, that same growth and accelerating rate of change also represents serious threat.

The accelerating tempo of the innovation cycle across the financial services sector means that a financial institution’s success is, now more than ever, predicated on business model agility and the ability to rapidly source and deploy partnerships.

The ability to shop the FinTech landscape for capabilities is not limited to incumbent institutions; today, new entrants face significantly lower technological barriers to entering financial services, with potential long‐term implications for the competitive landscape.

The range of activities that financial institutions are comfortable with externalising has expanded significantly, creating opportunities for both FinTechs and incumbents to serve these needs.

TISAtech allows financial institutions to explore not only the externalising of parts of the innovation function, but all parts of business operations.

With a dataset of more than 3500 FinTechs, regular tech insights, market updates and structured tech sprints, financial institutions can examine which new offerings are gaining traction in the market, before deploying valuable internal resource.

TISAtech provides financial institutions with a ‘supermarket’ of capabilities, allowing exploration of partnerships – and acquisitions – to rapidly implements and deploy new offerings.

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‘The success of FinTechs in changing the basis of competition, as well as the increasing pace of technology, means that while financial institutions have the potential to improve, they face rapid disruption both now and in the future’

Access Innovation

We track and map technology providers against business functions, making it easy for decision makers and innovation groups to find technologies that match their needs. TISAtech provides a comprehensive standardised database which enables users to search functional taxonomy, sector alignment, semantic tags, company name, and named individuals.

Identify and Track

Our systematic approach means that firms can manage, track and develop successful relationships with future innovative partners. TISAtech also enables users to benchmark the performance of your own technology provider portfolio, identifying any viability risks early on and proactively sourcing alternatives before failure creates operational risk.

Make Smarter Decisions

Our scorecard has been designed and conducted by experienced business leaders. A model and data-driven approach, supported by senior analysts with market experience, provides a comprehensive assessment on the Fintech enabling fast-tracked market research whilst reducing the time and cost of due diligence. TISAtech proactively matches business needs with solution providers that demonstrate the right risk profile enabling firms to offer better services and solutions to their clients.

Mitigate Risk

Often, new innovation is offered at the price of increased operational risk. TISAtech translates the uncertainty around early stage survivability and the ability to partner and grow into risk metrics that can be managed and monitored. As technology providers evolve they can be re-assessed, objectively demonstrating progress in maturity and product coverage. This reduces adoption risk and provides a means of continued tracking for engagement when you or the potential supplier is ready.

Key benefits

A fast track to innovation

TISAtech offers financial institutions the opportunity to access breakthrough technologies from more than 3,500 FinTechs to create powerful new partnerships and business models for enhanced performance.

Curated database

Comprehensive standardised database enabling functional taxonomy, sector alignment and semantic tags searches

Accelerated adoption

Reduced due diligence activities accelerating adoption and implementation timelines

Risk metrics

FinTech uncertainty and survivability translated into risk metrics for better management and monitoring

Benchmark performance

Benchmark performance of target Fintechs and existing technology provider portfolio

Financial institutions are accelerating the commoditisation of
their cost bases, removing them as points of competition and
creating new grounds for differentiation

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