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Engaging with financial firms and selling technology has never been more difficult; competition is rife and financial institutions are under increasing pressure to demonstrate compliance, innovate and cut operational expenditure.

TISAtech has been designed to support the needs of the technology providers and financial institutions alike. Our marketing reach amplifies market profile and the scorecard assessment gives the technology and service provider community validated, objective credentials which are proven to facilitate successful business relationships with leading financial institutions.

An essential partner in scaling your business and building market presence

FinTechs are seizing the initiative – defining the direction, shape and pace of innovation across every sub sector in financial services. They are succeeding as both standalone businesses and crucial parts of financial value chains.

FinTechs are also reshaping customer expectations, setting new and higher bars for user experience – demonstrating that the customer experience bar set by large technology firms can also be met in financial services. However, the willingness to switch away from incumbents has been overestimated with switching costs and new innovations often deemed as not sufficiently material to warrant the shift to a new provider.

This is where TISAtech comes in. We have created new industry connections and ecosystems across the entire waterfront of financial services where you can more effectively demonstrate expertise and the value of improvements to existing business processes and infrastructure. Whether it’s profiling your tech capabilities and management team credentials, showcasing new developments, news and insights or demonstrating expertise in structured industry tech sprints, TISAtech provides you with the platform to better connect with the sector.

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‘FinTechs are materially changing the basis of competition and the competitive landscape in financial services’

Be Discovered

Reaching influencers and key business decision makers is time consuming and often very expensive. Through the platform, we map technology firms to business critical requirements making it easier for financial institutions to identify and engage with innovative new solution providers that match their business transformation needs.

Stand Out

Regulated financial institutions are legally obliged to reduce operational risk and many technology providers are considered inherently risky. The scorecard assessment has been developed as an industry standard for assessing start-up and early stage counterparty risk. We help financial institutions understand the potential to partner and grow, enabling technology firms to stand out from the competition and speed up engagement with target sectors and organisations.


We promote technology firms and deliver scorecard assessments directly to relevant and interested business leaders. This reduces due diligence activities and accelerates time to money from buyers or investors. Quickly demonstrating capabilities and shortening the buying cycle is key to securing new profitable relations. TISAtech offers cost-effective marketing tools which are proven to help reduce the cost of sale and accelerate business engagements.


Through TISAtech, FinTechs can constantly assess and promote capabilities as their business evolves. This demonstrates progress and enables potential buyers to keep pace with developments. We help firms understand their momentum against peers and competitors with recommendations that enable improvements to market positioning, assessment scores and performance where it matters.

Key benefits

Accelerating market engagement

TISAtech is an essential partner for FinTechs seeking to build profile and increase market engagement, offering financial institutions the opportunity to create powerful new partnerships and business models for enhanced performance.

Accessible attributes

Business attributes presented in a consistent and accessible manner

Easier identification

Firms mapped to business critical requirements for easier identification and engagement

Direct profiling

Direct profiling to relevant and interested business leaders shortening the buying cycles

Demonstrate progress

Capabilities constantly assessed to demonstrate progress to potential adopters and partners

‘As profit pools shift due to value chain movements, 
intermediaries will face competitive pressure from all sides’

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