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TISAtech, the digital market network that brings together financial institutions and FinTechs for greater collaboration and innovation, have launched UK Scale-Up.

This new initiative, delivered in partnership with the data analytics business The Disruption House (TDH), provides thriving international FinTechs like yourselves targeted access to the UK and its rapidly developing UK digital economy, with an enhanced opportunity to connect with firms who are seeking the best technology solutions to meet their business transformation needs. It also provides participating FinTechs with invitations to UK industry-led tech sprints, access to advice and invaluable market insights

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Hop on the platform, not on a plane

Our digital ‘tech-bridge’ into the UK, offers a low cost, low risk and low carbon way to qualify UK market interest in your product and start developing meaningful business conversations, without getting on a plane. With access to TISA member firms, in particular banks, insurers and asset managers who are shaping the UK financial services industry, this is a highly cost-effective route to new UK clients, through our unique proposition.

TISAtech FinTech Value Proposition

Decision makers will use this to identify and engage with innovative new solution providers (like you) that match their business transformation needs, based on business-critical functions. The database already features 3,600 FinTechs from around the world.

Continuously showcase information and news to the market about what you do with your unique profile page. This is not a static page, and companies can continually refresh their Booth with the very latest information, including dynamic content such as videos and podcasts.

Our assessments help you  to understand your capabilities better and your buyers to quickly understand your maturity and readiness to do business with them. Assessments capture the trust, quality and credibility of a FinTech; designed to build trust with VCs and banks, they support FinTechs in proving their capabilities when marketing themselves.

TISAtech is part of the Investing and Savings Alliance (TISA), an influential cross-industry UK financial services body this gives you access to firms who are shaping the UK Financial Services Industry, through regular TISAtech digital promotions, with intel on who interested in seeking FinTech Propositions/Solutions.

TISAtech FinTech members can secure access to market experts on UK demand for their solutions, as well as book meetings with interested firms.

The FinTech Accelerator Panel (launching in mid-Q3 21) will offer FinTech TISAtech members access to a carefully curated set of providers of the key services necessary to grow both in the UK and Internationally.

The FinTech Development Panel (also launching in Mid Q3 21) will offer a range of development platforms, where FinTechs can obtain access to development tools and environments from which they can build their propositions.

An Industry Advisory Board, composed from a number of major firms throughout the Financial Services Industry and supporting Industry Bodies. The Board will prioritise the key problem statements for the industry and TISAtech FinTechs will be invited to showcase how their propositions and demonstrate how they can resolve these problems.  A major targeted marketplace for all TISAtech FinTechs. They will also tackle the common issues, pertaining to FinTech (i.e. how do we change the buyside procurement processes, in order not to stifle FinTechs.

Launching Q3 2021

Nebula - FinTech Development Panel

Offering a platform where FinTechs can obtain access to development tools and environments from which they can build their propositions.

NOVA - FinTech Accelerator Panel

Offering you access to a carefully curated set of providers of the key services necessary to grow both in the UK and Internationally.
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“The UK Scale-Up initiative allows FinTechs be discovered, stand out and monitor prospective interest during this period when, as a result of Covid-19, usual routes to market have been shut off.”
Gary Bond, CEO of TISAtech

Be Discovered

Reaching influencers and key business decision makers is time consuming and often very expensive. Through the platform, we map technology firms to business critical requirements making it easier for financial institutions to identify and engage with innovative new solution providers that match their business transformation needs.

Stand Out

Regulated financial institutions are legally obliged to reduce operational risk and many technology providers are considered inherently risky. The scorecard assessment has been developed as an industry standard for assessing start-up and early stage counterparty risk. We help financial institutions understand the potential to partner and grow, enabling technology firms to stand out from the competition and speed up engagement with target sectors and organisations.


We promote technology firms and deliver scorecard assessments directly to relevant and interested business leaders. This reduces due diligence activities and accelerates time to money from buyers or investors. Quickly demonstrating capabilities and shortening the buying cycle is key to securing new profitable relations. TISAtech offers cost-effective marketing tools which are proven to help reduce the cost of sale and accelerate business engagements.


Through TISAtech, FinTechs can constantly assess and promote capabilities as their business evolves. This demonstrates progress and enables potential buyers to keep pace with developments. We help firms understand their momentum against peers and competitors with recommendations that enable improvements to market positioning, assessment scores and performance where it matters.

We know FinTechs want to enter the UK, a global financial hub, to help provide innovative technology solutions to financial services firms. TISAtech facilitates and accelerates powerful partnerships between our members and exciting, scale up FinTechs.

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