TISAtech launches the FinTech Club to help ambitious FinTechs grow and connect with prospects

• The FinTech Club will connect FinTechs with financial services firms, for greater adoption of their transformational digital solutions

• All FinTech Club members (FinTechs) receive unparalleled access to opportunities that will strengthen their business proposition for the best possible outcomes – including an exclusive new ESG Readiness Assessment

• TISAtech’s Virtual Open Meeting will mark the launch of the FinTech Club on 23rd September. Industry experts will elaborate on the benefits and reasons to join the Global Fintech Market of TISAtech

TISAtech FinTech Club is a global digital platform that connects FinTechs with financial firms to amplify their reach and position through support and access to development tools of official FinTech Club industry partners’ infrastructure, including Amazon, R3, WeWork and FinTech North/West.


TISAtech’s FinTech Club allows FinTechs to facilitate successful business relationships with leading financial institutions, while providing access to a large featured FinTech Database, international support through the Ambassadors Network, brand amplification and an exclusive launch offer – an ESG Readiness Assessment.


The ESG Readiness Assessment is an assessment standard that enables Fintechs to build their business and proposition with a view to counter-party risk & ESG.


The TISAtech FinTech Club also has an opportunity for international (non-UK based) FinTechs to provide a digital “tech-bridge” to join the FinTech Club in order to qualify for UK market interest in a product solution.


For as little as starting from £50 a month, FinTech Club members will be able to access all FinTech Club benefits.


TISAtech was launched by The Investing and Saving Alliance (TISA) earlier this year to help ambitious FinTechs connect with larger providers, accelerate engagement and monitor prospect interest during a period when usual routes to market, such as events and conferences, have been restricted due to the pandemic. 

TISAtech are also encouraging as FinTechs to attend their Virtual Open Meeting on the 23rd September to mark the launch the FinTech Club, elaborate on the benefits of the global FinTech market network of TISAtech and to address the top seven FinTech priorities agreed by the independent TISAtech Advisory Board, chaired by Rt Hon. Lord Vaizey of Didcot. These are:


  1. A platform to help the most vulnerable – whether due to mental health and/or low-income families – to manage their money better during a pandemic or global crisis.


  1. A new approach to understand consumer requirements and provide better and real-time financial advice.


  1. A technology that automates the insurance claim procedures, resulting in shortening filing time, speedier reimbursements, and reduced fraud.


  1. Embed tech to encourage investors and retail consumers to make sustainability considerations in investments or consumption.


  1. A solution, with data and technology, to demonstrate that regulated firms are embedding ESG into their investment processes.


  1. A solution with technology to help regulators determine the key areas and data points to consider as part of their methodology for designing a robust, reliable and accurate sustainable investment label so that consumers can better understand their choices and compare the ESG characteristics of different financial products and providers.


  1. Leverage government authentication infrastructure for people identification (digital ID).


A number of shortlisted FinTechs will be able to present their solutions to two problem priority statements to the Board:


  • Leverage government authentication infrastructure for people identification (digital ID).


  • Embed tech to encourage investors and retail consumers to make sustainability considerations in investments or consumption.

Gary Bond, CEO of TISAtech, said: “Our goal at TISAtech is ambitious. We want to change the way the entire financial services sector operates so that FinTechs can thrive and drive growth. Ambitious FinTechs are at the forefront of financial services innovation and, as an industry initiative, we are determined to help the FinTech sector achieve its full potential.


TISAtech’s new project, the FinTech Club, will allow the industry to form a collaborative alliance to help grow the FinTech sector in key regional growth hubs across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our Advisory Board has set us the ambitious objective of helping solve seven priority problem statements in order to increase the competitiveness and dynamism of the sector. Resolving these will be a core challenge for TISAtech as it embarks on its transformative mission.


TISAtech’s FinTech Club is just the start of a longer collaboration of FinTech firms and financial institutions as they come together to meet these challenges and drive growth, and I am therefore very pleased to be able to announce the launch of the FinTech Club today.”


Jason O’Shaughnessy, Head of International Business at Envestnet, said: “FinTechs are at the heart of the ambitious projects, such as Open Banking, that will transform the way we access the financial services industry. FinTechs need structure to enable their international expansion and to establish their position. We believe the FinTech Club will help exciting FinTechs deliver their innovation across key growth markets.


“We look forward to working with Gary and the TISAtech team to enable nothing less than the transformation of the financial services sector. I am very pleased to be partnering with TISAtech on this ambitious project.”


To find out more about TISAtech’s Fintech Club contact: [email protected]

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