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The TISAtech FinTech Club connects FinTechs with financial services firms who are looking for transformational digital solutions. Our annual membership also gives you instant access to a range of free development tools and discounted services to help you to enhance your proposition. 

Own your personalised marketing booth to help you amplify your market profile and benefit from our extensive network to extend your reach within the industry. 

You will get access to firms, predominately banks, insurers, retail platforms and asset managers to provide solutions to. TISAtech members can also put forward their proposals for consideration to help us tackle the top seven industry challenges for the UK financial services sector, as agreed by the TISAtech Board.

We’ve also partnered up with The Disruption House (TDH) to offer new members an exclusive FREE ESG Assessment that will enable you to build your businesses and proposition with a view to Counter-Party Risk & ESG. 

Club Benefits

With annual membership starting from only £50 a month, you can benefit from all of this:

Highly taxonomic database

Join 3,600 Featured FinTechs database

Become a part of the highly taxonomic databasa

Decision makers will use this to identify and engage with innovative new solution providers (like you) that match their business transformation needs, based on business-critical functions. The database already features 3,600 FinTechs from around the world

Discounted Service Suppliers


Provides exclusive discounts and offers for the FinTech Members

NOVA Panel infrastructure allows FinTechs to grow, encourage new companies to join and International FinTechs to trade in the UK. 

ESG Readiness Assessment


An Assessment Standard that enables FinTech’s to build their businesses and proposition with a view to Counter-Party Risk & ESG
To celebrate it’s launch, we are currently offering FinTechs who sign-up to the TISAtech Club the opportunity to take advantage of a FREE ESG Readiness Assessment.
The assessment will enable you to build your FinTech businesses and proposition with a view to Counter-Party Risk & ESG.

Free & Discounted Technology Capability


Access to development tools and environments from which you can build your propositions.

Incubator network – launching Q3 2021

Our FinTech Development Panel will offer a platform where FinTech’s can obtain access to development tools and environments from which they can build their propositions for free/hugely discounted.

International support

International Ambassadors Network

A structure / process that allows FinTech’s to test their propositions in other countries and start trading

Are you in the UK?

Our International Ambassador network is here to support UK firms who are looking to test their ideas in other countries, helping these FinTechs to enhance their growth and reach in a more formulaic and structured manner.

Are you based abroad?

As well as support from our ambassador network, our International FinTech Programme provides a digital ‘tech-bridge’ into the UK, offering a low cost, low risk and low carbon way to qualify UK market interest in your product and start developing meaningful business conversations, without getting on a plane.


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We’ve partnered with The Disruption House (TDH), who (for an additional fee) can provide assessments to help you to understand your capabilities better and your buyers to quickly understand your maturity and readiness to do business with them. Assessments capture the trust, quality and credibility of a FinTech; designed to build trust with VCs and banks, they support FinTechs in proving their capabilities when marketing themselves.


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TISAtech Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

Agree seven critical FinTech priorities for the coming year

At launch, the Advisory Board resolved to focus industry innovation efforts on seven key problem statements (out of an initial 100 proposals), ranging from a platform to support the most vulnerable manage money during the pandemic, to accurate and standardised ESG reporting to automating insurance claim procedures.

Exclusive to Club Members only: register your interest to pitch your ideas/solutions for our top industry problem statements to the TISAtech board. If you are shortlisted, you will then have the opportunity to present your idea to the board directly, in exchange for their advice and further development support from our partner network.

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Brand Amplification

Digital Marketing Booth

Amplification to TISA members and International Ambassadors Network
Featured FinTechs

Continuously showcase information and news to the market about what you do with your unique profile page. This is not a static page, and companies can continually refresh their Booth with the very latest information, including dynamic content such as videos and podcasts.

Become a FinTech member

Join TISAtech and become part of the largest network driving innovation throughout the industry

Annual Membership Fee

Pay annually, or let us help you spread the cost with our monthly payment option 


(less than 30 employees)

£600/per year

12 monthly instalments of £50


(30 employees or more)

£1000/per year

(annual saving of £200)

12 monthly instalments of £100 

Please note that when you sign up to TISAtech Membership you are agreeing to a minimum contract period of twelve months. If you wish to cancel your membership before the renewal date, you will be liable to cover the fees for the remainder of your contract. 

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If you would like to understand more about our assessments and the breadth and depth of information they provide for partnership and growth, please click on the links below to request an example of each type of assessment. (Additional fees apply)

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