Collegia automates your retirement planning and matches you to a pension portfolio that reflects and respects your personal choice. Collegia: the simple, efficient and sustainable pension.

Collegia stands for a new way to do pensions, built on cooperation, efficiency and transparency.
Many UK savers cannot answer the most basic question regarding pensions: Am I on track for a comfortable retirement? This is not right.

But individuals are not the only ones struggling with pensions. Around 70% of UK employers are “crying out for fresh ideas and innovation” in the pensions market. This is a market need.

The verdict, according to almost half of UK employers, is: “ensuring all employees have adequate funds when they retire is a huge challenge, with auto-enrolment still not doing enough to ensure people have a comfortable retirement income saved”. This is dangerous.

We decided to do something about it. We are building a secure digital platform to handle data flows between investment managers, insurers, payroll managers and employers. We plug into the already existing payroll routines and transform a payroll report into pension contributions. These are sent to tax efficient and 100% FSCS protected pension plans, managed by pensions-focused world-class investment managers.

Auto Enrolment is easy with Collegia. Employers and their advisors (payroll bureaus and accountants) can easily integrate their payroll with our platform, enrol their employees, manage their modern workplace pension and consult real-time reports regarding their contributions, opt outs and re-enrolments.

Collegia is a modern personal pension designed for UK savers. One that not only combines employer and personal contributions but also comes with an intuitive retirement planning tool.

Collegia: the simple, efficient and sustainable pension.