Solum Financial

How can you trust that your market data and valuations are correct?” Financial institutions are struggling with inefficient data control processes. This arises from multi-system legacies and/or unaudited manual validation processes, leading to high costs, high operational risks and poor governance. Xplain offers a robust, automated and flexible market data and valuations control solution.

Xplain provides a modular platform that can cover the entire valuation process, including i) market data exception management,  ii) valuation data exception management, iii) best market practice derivatives valuation methodologies for independent valuation benchmarking (including XVAs) and iv) reporting, all on a single platform.

With the ability to customise break tests and resolution options, the user retains complete flexibility of each validation process.

User role definition, resolution and approval task allocation (four-eyes process) and monitoring dashboard are key features of our fully audited platform.

Xplain uses the latest technology, and its cloud-native deployment requires no expensive or lengthy system integration.

Xplain can help reduce costs (people, systems), operational risks (reducing the number of mistakes, best market practice), and increase governance (comprehensive logs, fully versioned) and revenues (highly scalable)