DataGardener is a RegTech company that helps organisations improve their business performance with sales solutions, market research, credit checks, fraud investigation, and customer onboarding delivered through our platform and APIs. We have also won several bespoke data consultancy contracts. With our unrivaled datasets, we are the most comprehensive business intelligence platform in the marketplace. We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited company. We also help with technical consultancy to analyse data and also capable of building products and teams from scratch.


DataGardener Solutions essentially provides two key things vital for any business – the ability to understand more about a company (albeit a supplier, customer, prospect or partner) in terms of financials, know-your customer and organisation, and the ability to generate new business through the development of bespoke marketing and prospect lists, be layering multiple data points upon one another – creating incredible granularity.

Our focus has moved from a starting point of Data Aggregation to Business Information and our focus is now on Business Intelligence.

Understanding more about a company (Credit, Risk and Financial Analysis)

With the core focus for businesses now on de-risking, the need for in-depth analysis of any supplier, buyer or partner is greater than ever, businesses are looking for greater insights to satisfy their due diligence. This element of the product is designed to enable professionals to efficiently discover information on specific companies that they are considering working with.

Prospecting and B2B Marketing Data

With the unprecedented shift in demand and supply patterns, companies will be looking in granular detail to see how competitors are responding in order to improve their sales and marketing channels. This element of the product is designed for professionals that want to use data to inform their strategy within a market.

Unique Selling Points of DataGardener

  • Relationship Tracker and Business Links with Director and Companies
  • Financial Calculations and Ratios and Export into Excels
  • Searching, sorting, exporting and emails on all table
  • Director Comprehensive Reports
  • Customised Reports / Exports
  • Business Watch
  • Corporate Land Integration
  • Risk alerts and RAG summary
  • Creating notes on companies
  • Business and Director monitoring and notifications to changes with a company
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Valuation Tool
  • New feeds and sentiment analysis
  • Patent Information
  • Furlough Data
  • Trademark Data
  • Importer and Exporter data
  • Investment Climate Analysis
  • Investor Finder
  • Investee Finder